Rules For the Championships


  1. All individual participants must have a school ID Card which must include the name, admission number, Date of administration, Class and date of birth plus birth certificate. They must be void of any erasures or changes certified by the head of the institution.
  1. All individual participants and school terms must have a typed list on the school letter head showing the full names, date of admission, admission number, class and date of birth.
  1. Punctuality should be observed strictly by all the teams. Teams not ready to start play at programmed time should be liable to fin of Ksh. 2000/= before the play of the next match, i.e. Lateness up to 15 min.

If the team is late by 30 min, a walk over shall be given.

  1. Team Manager and coaches must ensure that their teams are disci-plined on and off the pitch all time.
  1. All participants must produce their school identity cards which must be duly filled and void of any erasures or changes. They must also have a letter confirming their student status, written on the school letterhead and certified by the Head of the School and letter should include: Name,

Admission No., Date of admission, Class and Date of Birth. (NB: Date includes Day, Month and Year) certificate of K.C.P.E and index number. An omission of any detail may lead to disqualification.

A separate form with all the details on the ID card plus the photograph be also presented to KSSSA of keeps.

  1. Students who sat for K.C.P.E before year 2010 will not be eligible to play.
  1. Championship is for 19 years and under born on or after 1st September 1996.